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Send Your Feed Anywhere!

Send Your Feed Anywhere!

With nearly 500 destinations already loaded for custom exporting, your inventory will be sent to advertisers acrossthe web, including the big ones like Craigslist,, and We also export to special requests & your dealership’s website!

Update multiple times per day on a schedule, or push a fresh feed whenever you like with the click of a button.

Get up-to-date information to your potential customers fast!

Inventory Online Data Management: We Provide Multiple Solutions for You!

With PGI Data Solutions' Inventory Online solutions, we help you better engage your online customers by getting your cars out of the inventory management process and up in front of shoppers quickly, easily, and accurately.

Our inventory management tools offer a streamlined solution for your existing sales process, creating expertly formatted content designed to highlight each vehicle's notable features. These engaging display ads can be created for every single vehicle in your inventory and on your lot. And not only are these ads visually arresting, but your vehicles' features are automatically distributed to your dealer and OEM sites, as well as any selected online classifieds and third-party advertisers.

Keeping ads consistent across all platforms and consumer touch points can be a costly and time-consuming affair, but with PGI Data, we help dealers tackle this challenge by helping dealers save time while still displaying all of those small details that you want customers to see, but may not have time, bandwidth, or manpower to keep updated across all platforms manually. PGI Data Solutions' inventory management tools offer seamless and easy integration across all consumer touch points.

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PGI Data easily aggregates and transforms raw vehicle data into robust, digital vehicle display ads that can be automatically distributed anywhere online.

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