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Car Dealer Inventory Photos

There are many benefits to utilizing services for Car Dealer Inventory Photos from PGI Auto for your website. Professionally done inventory photos are not only engaging, but they make your inventory presentation look more professional in kind. We offer photo packages to fit the needs of any dealership, from size to budget, as well as a host of additional benefits that your dealership could be taking advantage of.

How Do Dealer Inventory Photos Find You Buyers?

Car Dealer Inventory Photos from PGI Auto help you find potential customers in a number of ways. First is the obvious: through presentation. The better quality your photos are, the better represented your inventory is, and consequently, your customers trust more in your inventory listings as they can visualize your vehicle descriptions by pairing what features are listed to what they can see on your website. We accomplish this with specialized photo rep training and using top-of-the-line photo equipment and technology.

Helping to represent your dealership branding also draws in customers. If buyers find a photo through another listing or even a search engine, they can then easily trace it back to your website and dealership. Our photos come with features like custom photo branding and overlays, as well as easy integration into customized, graphic dealership window stickers that immediately catch attention, and even integration into custom dealership brochures.

Benefits of Car Dealer Photos with PGI Auto

When you choose PGI Auto for your Car Dealer Inventory Photos, you take advantage of a range of service benefits as well as photo quality. Our phot services include real-time uploads from the field, on-site training of representative, and even on-call service. We have dozens of professional, local photo reps so that we can make sure someone is always available. We also handle all support in-house, so any issues you have are addressed directly and by people who know and utilize the photo system themselves.

In terms of service, we can also customize much of what we offer to your dealership’s needs directly. Our photo packages have adaptability to your fluctuating inventory, and you only pay for the work you need. We also offer custom VIN adaptation, as well as DMS integration. We also offer services for video walk arounds, as well as options for full-service or D-I-Y features.

With this level of professional quality, server stability, and local support, PGI Auto is able to offer an unparalleled service for on-lot automotive photography that helps to capture your inventory in its best light. Give us a call today at 877-622-2291 or contact us here through the website, and we’ll have a representative back to you as soon as possible.

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