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Car Dealership Inventory Management

Finding the right Car Dealership Inventory Management to fit your requirements for your website should take into account how hands-on you want to be with your inventory (or how much you don’t). With PGI Auto, our Inventory Online data and inventory management offers a full suite of solutions for your inventory, allowing for full-service packages, do-it-yourself access, or somewhere in-between.

Managing Your Car Dealership Inventory

PGI Auto’s Car Dealership Inventory Management aims to help you streamline your website inventory and its distribution. Our website inventory management syncs with your existing sales process, and even helps to simplify parts of your stock upkeep. PGI Auto inventory management has systems and tools in place to automate much of the inventory process, such as daily updates, removing sold cars, and more.

However, beyond management simplification, PGI Auto dealership inventory management also offers many customization options with your vehicle details and how that information is presented upon distribution. Options for customization with our inventory management include vehicle details and comments which let you highlight a vehicle’s most prominent or engaging features, vehicle photo overlays which allow you to put your contact details or incentives over the top of your vehicle photos, photo packages, and even options to add video to your vehicle details pages.

Benefits of Inventory Management with PGI Auto

The hardest part of managing your inventory is not the customization, however, but keeping your information accurate, consistent, and up-to-date. With PGI Auto Car Dealership Inventory Management, our inventory management system helps to automate much of the maintenance process, as well as your inventory distribution. Our inventory management system pulls information directly from your inventory feed to help create your distribution listings. This way, when your ads are posted on third-party sites, your information matches.

Save time and use an inventory management system meant to help simplify your data management. With PGI, your third-party listings and distributed inventory through our inventory management system will be synced and updated across all platforms simultaneously. If inventory is listed off-site, and the inventory feed on your site is updated, like with changes to vehicle details or marking a vehicle as sold, your listings are accordingly updated. This way, you have the right information spread across all of your customer touch points along the car purchase path.

PGI Auto is your easiest stop for consistent and reliable auto dealer inventory management. Contact us today to find out more about our management system, to see how it can fit your dealership, or even to ask for a free demo of how this inventory system. Give us a call at 877-622-2291.

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