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Dealership Inventory Management System Best Practices

Managing the inventory of any dealership is easily the most important task when it comes to both your day-to-day tasks and your online marketing. As the largest, most expensive, and most important part of your business, Dealership Inventory Management System Best Practices can help you rise above the competition when these key aspects are all met.

Best Practices in Controlling Your Dealer Inventory

With a number of services from PGI Auto, we help dealers with Dealership Inventory Management System Best Practices when it comes to the amount of control you have over your inventory, marketing that inventory, and how your inventory is presented on your website and other platforms. With the Aviary Photo Editor, you have control over the enhancements to make your inventory photos stand out from the competition with showroom quality.

Tools include sharpening, brightening, focusing, cropping, and even adding text, all without ever leaving the inventory management system. Power Writer is another one of many offered solutions from PGI Auto, giving dealers the control over customer-facing vehicle descriptions. Tell the story of your pre-owned inventory with history, specs, and features, as well as editable “flavor text,” which not only grabs customer attention but helps gain their trust with marketing transparency.

Manage Inventory Details with Best Practices

Another category of Dealership Inventory Management System Best Practices is to manage your inventory details across all posted platforms, including your branding, stock and other information presented to your customers, making sure that your message is clear, consistent, and accurate. PGI Auto offers a host of inventory management features to help with your dealership’s message, image, and consistency. For example, with custom window stickers and buyer’s guides, not only can you make sure that customers are greeted with branding for your dealership that stands out and grabs attention, they also receive vital information they want without hassle.

Custom window stickers and buyers guides also work in conjunction with the Kelley Blue Book Merchandising, which reinforces your branding while also presenting the information your customers need with the assurance from a trusted authority. Other features, like New Car Merchandising, also help reinforce this best practice of consistency, giving your dealership access to make changes to the way your inventory is presented across multiple advertising platforms, while also providing the security in knowing that the information in these posts remains accurate and consistent across all platforms.

Best Practices in Managing Inventory Marketing Metrics

Lastly, PGI Auto also offers services to help you make the most out of your dealership’s inventory marketing. Metrics are a vital piece of Dealership Inventory Management System Best Practices, because staying informed is the best way to target your marketing to what solutions work best for your needs and goals. With RepGauge from PGI Auto, you have access to vital analytics, helping you monitor your ratings, organic search engine rankings, social media, and overall reputation.

Find the tools that work best for your dealership’s inventory marketing management with PGI Auto and make sure you’re adhering to the best practices that will help you stay steps ahead of the competition.

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