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Increase Sales with Video Inventory

You can always increase sales even if your sales are doing well. There are many ways to go about this as well and some ways you might not even knew existed including how to Increase Sales with Video Inventory. If you do not know what video inventory is, now is the perfect time to educate yourself about what it can do for you and your dealership.

What is Video Inventory?

Video Inventory is basically a virtual tour of the vehicles you have in your inventory. The best thing about video inventory is that our system automatically creates the interactive videos for your inventory. You can add messages and can view the entire vehicle without having to click through each photo offering up a whole new experience the consumer.


There are many advantages to having video inventory. There is CPO integration which is a system that uses a CPO intro on CPO vehicles. It is also CARFAX integrated. Meaning that the system can take positive CARFAX provided information with ease. With the addition of a “send a video to a friend” tool, you can also branch out even more. One of the biggest advantages is that the video inventory can be YouTube and Google integrated as well.

Increase Sales with Video Inventory

There are many advantages to having video inventory on your website to help boost sales even more. First, you offer the consumer an interactive way to view the vehicle instead of just bland photos. By having video inventory, this can push the customer to call about the vehicle or even stop in to take a look in person. Sometimes that is all it takes to motivate them a little further.


When trying to Increase Sales with Video Inventory, how does it work? By offering your customers a whole new way to view your vehicles, you are improving their overall experience. With video, you are giving them a virtual tour of the vehicle which allows them to see things that might have not seen before improving the chance of them calling about the vehicle or stopping in. Thus, increasing the chance of sales. When you need to increase your sales, sometimes trying new things is all it takes.


You can Increase Sales with Video Inventory easily with us. We at PGI Auto have many different products to help bring in more sales. They are each designed to not only increase sales, but to get good reviews in the process and make things easier for you.

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