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On-Lot Photography for Car Dealers

PGI Auto is well established as a local provider of online dealer data services, and we are proud to offer On-Lot Photography for Car Dealers. When your dealership takes advantage of years of industry expertise and professional photography, you create a more dynamic and engaging inventory that helps you keep the potential leads on your site through aesthetic, accessibility, and transparency.

Why Your Dealership Needs On-Lot Photography

The automotive industry is quickly shifting into one that embraces and makes full-use of current technologies to help sell more vehicles. This market shift makes professional On-Lot Photography for Car Dealers with PGI Auto more important than ever before. Of course anyone can take photos now, and adding your own photos to your inventory management is already a breeze, but our professional photography services provide your dealer website with an additional edge.

First is the aesthetic component. Photos may be easier to take now that nearly every portable electronic device we carry has an integrated camera, but a cellphone’s quality often pales in comparison to professionally taken photos with high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment. With PGI Auto’s on-lot photography, your photos will look crisper, cleaner, and each shot is specifically composed to make the most out of your lot inventory and the unique features therein.

Additional Features and Benefits of Photography for Car Dealers

Second, PGI Auto’s professional On-Lot Photography for Car Dealers makes your inventory more accessible for your website users. With increasing amounts of vehicle research along a customer’s purchase path being conducted online or through mobile, having visuals to accompany your inventory listings is vital to not only getting customers to pay attention to your listings but to keep them engaged as well. Listings with a visual element are more arresting, appealing, and accessible to modern automotive shoppers.

Along these lines, on-lot photography also makes your website and website inventory more transparent and trustworthy, feeding right back into your dealership’s reputation. Where inventory and ad listings with clear visuals make those listings more accessible online, customers are able to conduct a visual pre-test drive before ever arriving at the dealership. Professional photos make the vehicle’s condition and other details visually obvious and accessible. Customers can get a feel for the look and interior of the vehicle from good photos before they make their final decision—and these photos, done right, may even influence that decision!

To find out more about PGI Auto’s on-lot photography services for car dealers, give us a call today or feel free to contact us directly through the website.

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