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Preventing Aged Inventory with Automotive Photos

When you sign up for on-lot photography services with PGI Auto, you will also learn how these services help in Preventing Aged Inventory with Automotive Photos. The right photos that highlight the best features of your inventory can go a long way in engaging customers and retaining their trust. Inventory typically performs better online with accompanying visual elements, and professional quality even more so.

How to Prevent Aged Inventory with Automotive Photography

Professional quality services are an immense help in Preventing Aged Inventory with Automotive Photos. PGI Auto can help. Now that most automotive purchasing research is done online with customers having a car and dealership in mind well before they visit the lot, reflecting the best of your inventory is vital. It is one thing to talk up a vehicle’s features and condition on your vehicle details pages in your website inventory, but it is quite another to be able to put those words to a photo.

Being able to see the color, condition, and other features of a vehicle before purchase works wonders to engender trust with your potential buyers, as it becomes easier to discern between vehicles in the purchasing process. Whether they’re looking for a particular shade of paint, installations like lift kits on pre-owned vehicles, or they want to take a mini tour of the vehicle before inquiring, photos allow buyers to engage with your inventory in a way they cannot with a simple description alone. This increased customer engagement is aimed to convert more of these potential leads into actual sales, which thereby also helps prevent your inventory from sitting on your lot too long (or “aging”).

Benefits of Automotive Photos with PGI Auto

When working toward Preventing Aged Inventory with Automotive Photos with photography services from PGI Auto, you also see a few additional benefits. The first is that your dealership is receiving professional quality photography with years of experience behind it. Anyone can take a cell phone photo for their auto inventory, but the quality may miss details that professional service makes sure to highlight, such as the intricacies of vehicle interiors, or crispness of photo detail.

Additionally, our photography services come with local support, so you’re getting direct and immediate service. And we allow for uploading to and synchronization with your inventory management updates so the right photos are paired with the right vehicle for ensured accuracy.

To find out more about how inventory photography can help with listing aging, contact us at PGI Auto today either by phone or here through the website!


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